Addiction is the only illness that attacks the mind, body and spirit. So mentally, physically and emotionally we are suffering. So we are up against a tough challenge, but it can be achieved with the right help.

Here at stars we believe that addiction is a progressive, terminal, illness. Which mean it does not stay the same, it only ever gets worse, this illness will kill you if you don’t learn how to treat it, there is no cure, but there is a way to stop it and learn how to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle. We believe that abstinence is the only way.

An alcoholic cannot control their drinking, their drinking controls them, that is why we become addicted. If we could do things in moderation we would not have let things get this bad. Some of us have to reach their rock bottom before being able to climb their way out these are the lucky ones as some people never manage to get back out. With addiction there is a line we cross from moderate, to problematic to dependant. Now I get asked this question by people a lot. “is it a choice?” I say its only a choice, if we are capable of making that choice in early days before it became a problem, yes it was a choice, something we chose to do like everyone else. Something we did for fun or to socialise, or to relax. But once we became dependant, we are no longer capable of making that choice.

Because the want to drink ,has now become a need to drink, our bodies are dependant on it, its no longer a want, it’s a need. There is no fun in shaking, sweating, retching, first thing in the mornings, knowing that to drink alcohol will stop all these horrible withdrawal symptoms, trust me , there is no fun in that. But how can anyone out there who has never lost their sobriety, possibly understand how it feels to get up and fight every day, to stay sober, its like the air that we breathe, its taken for granted.

Its not until we lose something, that we really understand its worth. So to normal drinkers who choose to do it to socialise, have fun. Think we are selfish, because they cannot understand how we are feeling. And to be honest, can we really expect them to? So the difference is a normal drinker can stop when they have had too much, they feel sick or ill, but an alcoholic but for an alcohol dependant person, if they don’t drink enough, that’s when they get ill. I hope this is beginning to make sense now. Everyone who works at stars has fought their own personal battle from addiction, I believe they are the best people to truly understand what we are up against.

Lets face it a man could study to become the best midwife in the country, he could have all the qualifications and may have successfully delivered hundreds of babies, and I'm not knocking that he is not doing an amazing job. But can he really tell me as a woman whose had 5 children, how it really feels to give birth? I feel that lived experience is important t to help others on their recovery journey.

If you don’t know the way, take the hand of someone who has been there, let them guide you , until you are strong enough to go down that road alone. You never know one day some one may reach out for your hand. How good would that feel?


And remember, no matter how bad you are , at what stage you are, or EVERYONE does have the ability to recover from their addiction. Its just learning how to.