Is a recovery group for those battling with addiction, we are a unique service, we don’t give up on anyone here at stars. We believe that everyone has the ability to recover from addiction. Although there is no cure, there is a way forward to achieve a happy and healthy life. We are on open group, which means whether you are still drinking/using we will welcome you. Those who come here for help will never be turned away. There is no time limit here at stars for getting well, so members can attend as often or as little they feel is necessary to their recovery. We believe it’s a life time commitment into sobriety.

Recovery is not a “one size fits all” its about finding your own way that works for you personally. Here at stars we encourage members to find the right way that suits their life style. We believe in abstinence as an addict cannot control their addiction their addiction controls them.

We are the only recovery group in the borough who welcome carers and loved ones of those caught up in addiction. We provide education covering all aspects of addiction. All your questions will be answered, knowledge is the key, if you do not fully understand what you are up against, how can you be expected to deal with it. Stars has members from all walks of life, addiction isn’t fussy who it gets its claws into, everyone is treated equally.

Stars will benefit people in recovery no matter what stage they are at. We are a group of like minded people who all want the same outcome in life. We have a fully qualified counsellor on board, someone who specializes in mental health and you will get plenty of support from group members who have maintained a stable recovery.

We currently meet three times a week, 2 day time meetings 10 – 12;30 Tuesday and Fridays (address shown above) and one Wednesday evening group 6;30 – 8;30. Tea, coffee and biscuits is provided free for everyone. Groups always begin with a check in, this is where everyone says a little bit about how they are feeling in they’re life right now, if any issues occur, we then address them during the second half by working through it.

The work is broken down so it s easily understood. We don’t need to used long words or medical jargon to confuse people, we keep it as real as possible. We also end our sessions with sometimes a short story or poem that has been written in anonymously by one of our stars, our collection is quite inspirational.